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The installation of new garage doors is often a fairly straightforward process. However, there are some do’s and don’ts of garage door installation which can make the process easier. In the effort to make sure your garage is installed to the highest standards, you may find yourself neglecting a step or two and thereby making the door much more problematic than it needs to be. By making an effort to follow a set of tips when installing your doors, you will help to ensure they are installed safely and soundly. You may want to check out Plano new garage doors for more. The following tips will ensure your garage door installation goes off without a hitch:

Check your new garage doors to be sure they are free from any loose screws. Loose screws can easily jam the mechanism and prevent the doors opening and closing properly. This is especially important if you live in an area where extreme weather conditions could cause the garage to weaken over time and consequently break down. A small amount of tightening of screws is all that is necessary in many cases. You may also want to check the brackets on your overhead doors and tighten them as well.

Check that the residential overhead door opener and motor are functioning properly. If you have any doubts about either one of these items, don’t install the new garage doors until you have had both items checked. Failure to do so could result in damage to your doors and the possibility of not having the ability to operate your door even if it were opened. If you don’t have access to a repairman in your area, consider having someone come to your home and test operate the equipment.

Most new garage doors come with instructions on the proper operation of the equipment. Some of these instructions will be included with the unit itself while others will need to be read from the manual that came with it. In most instances, the instructions will detail the proper way to operate the device. Many homeowners, however, aren’t too sure how to operate the precision garage door repair equipment, so they are better off referring to the manufacturer’s manual. Doing so will ensure that you never encounter any problems with your new equipment.

When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, color is everything. This isn’t a very new realization. However, it is one that can be enforced when it comes to purchasing new garage doors. Many home owners make the mistake of only considering the color of the door to be taken into consideration when choosing a new door. It is imperative to take other aspects into consideration as well, such as the overall appearance of the house.

Keep in mind that the wood that is used to create the garage door openers that you are interested in buying must match the color of the rest of the house. While the wood may be darker than the paint on the exterior of the house, if the wood is of a lighter shade, your new door will be difficult to spot as being made from unfinished wood. The paint on the exterior of the house will be able to catch the attention of people who pass by. The wood on the garage door openers should be solid and able to withstand the passage of several people who come by on a daily basis. Do not buy a door that has beautiful color but will not blend with the rest of the house’s furnishings.

 The company that installs your new garage door opener installation will not be happy unless their job is done correctly. Ask for references and ask to see some photos of their work. Make sure that the person who answers the phone is a licensed and experienced installer. You do not want to pay for garage door opener installation and then have the results reversed due to faulty workmanship.

When you visit a large selection of companies that install new garage doors, ask what kind of warranty they offer. Most will offer a limited one year warranty for major defects, but you might also find some that offer a five year warranty on parts and labor. This will give you some protection in the event that the product does not work properly, and also gives you peace of mind knowing that the company will be backing your product claim. You should be able to receive several free estimates before committing to your purchase.

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